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First Days of School

As school begins I know that you are all missing your children; especially for the

moms and dads who are really experiencing this separation for the first time. As

a mom who has been through the many phases of parent/child separation, I

assure you it will get easier. Believe me some years are easier than others.

I would like to give you a little bit of what I have learned:

When your child or children return home from school…remember they have had

a really long day and have worked hard. Your children will most likely need a

little snack to get them through until supper (no one likes to be hangry). Let your

child/children decompress from their very busy days before you begin to ask

them how their day was.

Some children can do activities after school every day; however, some children

need a break, please try not to over-schedule their afternoons and weekends.

Take some time and spend it together….Go for a walk, read a book together,

find a craft you want to create together, make supper, bake, write a silly story

or anything else that you love to do together.

Important tips:

Be present, listen to what your child is telling you (Please…….put the phones

down until it is bedtime).

Cuddle up and read a book with your child or 3 or 4!

Go outside and play….the fresh air and sunshine will feel wonderful to

everyone. It may help keep at bay some of the awful germs that your

child/children will be exposed to within the first few months.

Regular schedule: it is really important that you have a consistent schedule for the weekdays and weekends too! The children need to know what their schedule is (post a calendar on the wall or in their rooms somewhere and talk about what will be happening. It is essential to have a regular bedtime and routine. You know your child the best and you know what they can tolerate.


SELF-CARE is really imperative to everyone’s mental health. I know…..this is

really hard for all of us, but I promise you will feel better. Go for a walk, go

golfing, take a bubble bath, get a massage, go to the gym, take a class, read an

adult book, have a coffee, tea or water with a friend. It does not have to cost

money – It just needs to be something that you love to do and can’t necessarily

do it with your child (or would like to do it alone for a change).

I hope these little tidbits will help you get through the next couple of weeks.

You can always pop in to see me, I am a great cheerleader and problem solver.

Until next time….

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